Advisory Portfolio Screening

Pre-screening strategy

Using credit bureau data extract, Advisor pre-screening strategy analyses lender’s existing customer portfolio and provides extensive overview of customer profile enabling lender to make an informed decision on cross selling, limit management, debt collection and other phases of credit cycle.

The Pre-screening strategy provides general overview of a customer profile, for specific applications we would recommend applying usage specific Advisor strategies such as End-of-Engagement strategy, Collection strategy, Limit Allocation strategy and others.

Key Benefits

  • Strengthen your portfolio by retaining good excising customers
  • Minimize attrition rate
  • Decrease bad rate by granting new loans to low risk consumers
  • Select correct moment to make an offer

Strategy output consists of several sections, each of them reviews customer’s qualities from different perspective. Altogether sections provide complete picture of customers profile allowing the lender to make most informed decision.

  • Section 1. Credit Bureau Score
    • CIP Score
    • CIP risk grade
  • Section 2. Existing product composition
    • Product types currently and historically owned
    • Diversity of loan providers
    • Time since oldest and most recent accounts opened
    • Number of successfully closed contracts (by product type)
  • Section 3. Previous delinquencies
    • Current days past due (by products)
    • Current amount past due (by products)
    • Max days past due during last X months
    • Max amount past due during last X months
  • Section 4. Affordability – current obligations
    • Total amount of currently opened accounts
    • Outstanding amounts of currently opened accounts
    • Total monthly payment currently (last 3 months)
    • Avg Total monthly payment last 6 months
  • Section 5. Provides Profiling insight
    • Customer profiling cluster
    • Potentially suitable cross sell products
    • Income estimation
    • Suggested monthly payment
  • Section 6. Updated personal data
    • Name
    • Address
    • Phone number
  • Section 7. Custom characteristics
    • Any additional characteristics which can be calculated using credit bureau data.

* variables in this section provided in split by “contracts with this lender” and “contracts with other lenders”