Credit Application Processing System

Fast and simple decision-making

APS is our standalone solution for automated processing of the credit products applications. To put it another way, basically anything you do manually and has its own set of rules, APS can do automatically for you. It is a perfect robot that does not mind processing one hundred or one thousand of requests. He just does it in a blink of your eye!

It is a fast, simple and very comprehensive decision-making solution which will not only help you to decide but also to follow-up with your clients.

APS can be used by banking and financial institutions or any other company that acts in relation to its customers as lenders.


What can APS do?

First of all, APS will immediately introduce fast and fully automated approval processes in your company. You can even integrate scorecards and risk grades as a part of the decision-making process. But it does not stop at this. Our APS solution has number of other functionalities which are tailor-made to respond the demands of a modern company. You can, for example:

  • Create multiple approval processes for different financial products.
  • Check and validate input data automatically.
  • Change the decision-making policies without vendor’s intervention.
  • Assign risks specific to an applicant.
  • Assign an appropriate credit limit to a specific applicant.
  • Analyse decision-making policies.
  • Connect to the local Credit Bureau automatically for a credit report on an applicant.
  • Use comprehensive user-friendly Risk-Report for underwriting reasons.
  • Automatically print out the application details report and the Contract.

APS Advanatges

APS provides you with the possibility of an automated decision-making with a possibility for manual underwriting, scoring strategies, score cards, calculations and requests for internal or external data sources. On top of that, APS can also help you with:

  • Configuration of business rules is very easy and can be done without vendor’s or even IT staff intervention
  • Advanced decision methods are used, including decision trees and decision matrixes
  • Data from internal and external systems is obtained automatically – credit bureaus, non-banking registries, insolvency registries, database of void ID’s, Business Linkage Checker, etc.
  • Multiple scoring cards can be used for pre-scoring, application scoring, behavioural scoring, etc.
  • Support for marketing campaigns, multilingual support and much more