What Do I Get

We designed the Creditors Network to inspire confidence among all our members and help them to make better lending decisions.

This is what you get

  • Online access to the Creditors Network Database that contains information on debtors defaulting with other creditors
  • E-mail notification from Creditinfo if any of your debtors are listed in the Database by other organizations within the Network.
  • Up to 50 highly effective „Notice of Registration“ letters sent and issued by Creditinfo each month.
  • Access to the Creditinfo Academy’s bi-weekly webinars where international speakers share their knowledge and expertise
  • The use of the Network’s logo for your invoices, notices and other stationary
  • Branded POS materials such as windows decals, posters, stickers and more
  • 50% discount off conference tickets to the bi-annual, international credit risk conference, Credinfo Global Forum