Creditors Network

Joining the Creditors Network is essential for any business that offers credit to their customers.

The Creditors Network is an alliance of creditors that share information about their customer’s payment behaviour. The Network is governed by the reciprocity rule, meaning that to be able to access data from other creditors, members are required to share their own. By exchanging data, members can make instant, intelligent lending decisions while protecting their business from future losses and maintaining a healthy business portfolio.

For whom?

The Network was designed for businesses of all sizes, from the sole proprietor to large scale financial institutions.

Protect your business and make intelligent lending decision

When you need to decide whether to grant credit, the Creditors Network will instantly provide you with the information you need to make the best possible decision. We help you to stay clear of customers that are likely to hurt your business goals, but welcome those who will help you to achieve them.

The Network is always listening

The Network continuously monitors your entire customer portfolio.

If negative payment details are registered by other creditors on any of your clients, you will instantly receive an alert, allowing you to react accordingly and significantly reduce the chance of loss.

With the Network constantly watching your back, you are free to focus on other fundamentals of your business, such as increasing sales and getting new customers.

Is the Network really going to help my business?

Yes, it will. True story.

Does this sound familiar?

  • I don´t want to give credit to customers that are defaulting elsewhere
  • I don´t want others to give credit to my defaulting customers
  • I want to minimize write-offs
  • It is difficult to collect outstanding debts
  • My customers are increasingly defaulting
  • I want to improve my cash flow and my business portfolio
  • I have a feeling that my current collection processes are either too expensive and/or not working