What is a Credit Reference Bureau?
A credit reference bureau means an entity specialized in the collection and sale of credit performance
information for individuals and companies.

Who is a Credit Data Provider?
A data provider means a person, business or government agency providing credit information to a credit
reference bureau.

Who is a Credit Data Subject?
Data subject is an individual or a business entity whose data could be collected, processed and disclosed to
third parties in the credit information sharing system;

What is a Credit Reference Databank?
A Credit Reference Databank is a computerized mechanism created by the Bank to receive and supply
credit information to banks, financial institutions, credit reference bureaux and other institutions
authorized by the Bank, regarding the credit transaction of customers, including off balance sheet

What are the functions of the Credit Reference Databank?

  • Receive credit information from reporting institutions;
  • Disseminate received credit information to credit reference bureaux; and
  • Store and process credit information for use by the Bank in the discharge of its supervisory functions

What information is stored in the Credit Reference Databank?
Monthly basis credit information on all existing and new credit facilities granted to a person (borrower) by
the banks, financial institutions and other institutions authorized by the Bank (BoT)

For what purpose do Credit Reference Bureau use the information received from the Credit Reference

  • Sale of credit information in the form of credit reports to data subject, data providers and other
    entities within the United Republic of Tanzania
  • Retention period purpose; Credit Reference Bureau retain credit information maintained in its
    database until expiry of 6 years from the date of final loan repayment, bankruptcy, assignment or
  • Public awareness purpose; in conjunction with all data providers a Credit Reference Bureau maintain a
    program of public awareness relating to rights and protection of the data subject

Does Credit Reference Bureau have other source of information apart from the Credit Reference Databank?
Yes, Creditinfo do collect information direct from borrower, data providers (such as insurance companies,
Utility companies, Government agencies, ministries and authority) and other entities engaged on regular
basis in the extension of credit to borrowers, guarantors or any other parties to a credit.

What is a Credit Report?
A Credit Report means information issued by credit reference bureau containing all or part of data subjects’ credit history.

What is a Credit Score?
A credit score is a number assigned by a computer matrix that uses a mathematical algorithm to analyze the historical credit information on a credit report. It converts qualitative data into a numerical score. This number represents the risk associated with extending credit to an applicant based on their credit history.

Can I Find Out My Credit Score?
Yes you can. However, A Credit Score is a separate product from our Credit Report. The Credit Report shows credit history and the Credit Score is an analysis of that credit history. Both will be able to be used together or interchangeably depending on the type of product the financial institution is offering. Each consumer is entitled to one free credit report per year, however, that free credit report does not include the credit score. The credit score is available in a special report for a minimal fee.

Who or what determines if I get a loan?
Banks, credit card companies, auto dealers, mortgagers and other lenders decide if you get your loan. Most businesses that issue credit or loans will use credit scores to summarize a consumer’s credit history. Although other factors are used in determining whether or not you receive the credit you applied for — such as income versus the size of the loan — a credit score is a leading indicator of one’s basic creditworthiness. Creditinfo or other credit reference bureaus do not make lending decisions

How do I know who has seen information about me?
When an institution checks or searches your information on our database, a record, or ‘footprint’, of this is kept. These records show who has seen your personal information, why and when.

Am I On A Blacklist?
Credit reference bureau holds only facts about people. This is taken from public records, or is provided by lenders or the person themselves. We merely provide credit histories and analyze information.

Can I Find Out Who Has Requested My Credit Report?
Yes. When you request your own credit report, that information is provided in the report.

Whom one else can request my Credit Report apart from myself?
Your credit report can only be requested by an institution to which you provide written consent and then only if that institution has an agreement to provide the credit reference bureau with credit information and also pull credit reports. Credit Reference Bureau may also be required to provide information pursuant to a Court Order in the course of investigations conducted under certain specific circumstances.

How long does it take to receive a copy of my credit report once requested?
Credit Reference Bureau shall furnish a copy of requested credit report within five working days of the date of request. The requested report shall be only in hardcopy or uneditable electronic format.

How do I request my credit report?
The request may be completed via fax, telephone, postal mail, email and in person indicating proper identification to the credit reference bureau.

How much does it cost to obtain a copy of my credit report?
A consumer is entitled to receive a free credit report from a Credit Reference Bureau in each calendar year on submission of a written request. Any subsequent requests by the consumer will require the payment.

Do I need both the Credit Score & the Credit Report? 
A Credit Score is a separate product from our Credit Report. The Credit report shows credit history and the Credit Score is an analysis of that credit history. Both will be able to be used together or interchangeably depending on the type of product the financial institution is offering. Each consumer is entitled to one free credit report per year which does not include the credit score. The score is available for a minimal fee.

What should I do if information on my Credit Report found to be incorrect/ inaccurate?
Where credit information is found to be inaccurate by the credit reference bureau or the accuracy of credit information is challenged by the data subject, the data provider shall promptly investigate, when requested by the Creditinfo.

Who regulates your work?
We are licensed by the Bank of Tanzania under the Credit Reference Bureau regulations 2012 and the Credit reference databank regulations, 2012.