What are the main benefits of International Reports?

  • Reducing the risks when working with overseas partners.
  • Decision making: How to check if it is an authentic partner.
  • Understanding origins abroad: companies may have a complicated system of partners and shareholders.
  • International business reports from trusted information provider.
  • Providing an easy access to the international business information.
  • For regular users – access to web interface for requesting your own reports.
  • Packages of reports through local customer service in your country.

What does it do?

Creditinfo provides a platform that allows an individual or a company to request and receive reports containing business information on legal entities across borders. Which means that an individual or company located in one country can obtain a report on a company from another country in standardized format and translated into English.


Easy Access to the Report

Access to the system through credit bureau platform: the subscriber will be able to search for the company of interest and access the report independently.



Integrate the reports through web interface to your internal systems.


Local Provider

Packages of reports via local office. The local provider will send back the report in PDF format and invoice according to the agreement.


Web Service

Possible to make an agreement with the local provider in order to obtain credentials to the platform through the Web Service.

Easy and Simple


Full Information

Reports contain key information about the company: owners, managers, contact information, financial statements and negative information, where appropriate.



Scored to make decision making process easier.


Flexible Format (XML/PDF)

Can be included in own automatic processing systems.


Instant Availability

Majority of reports will be available instantly.