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Creditinfo Digital Collections Service

Operate At Scale

FinView understands that businesses in today’s fast-paced environment must be agile, efficient, and ready to meet rising demands quickly and seamlessly. At our platform and advanced technologies, scalability goes beyond simply managing large volumes. It means adapting seamlessly with your needs, maintaining uncompromised performance, and consistently producing results, no matter the size of an operation. Embark on true scalability to open doors of limitless growth!

Supercharged Recovery Rates

FinView makes debt collections efficient. Leveraging cutting-edge algorithms, AI-driven processes, and user-centric design to turbocharge recovery strategies – not just improve them but supercharge them for optimal performance – FinView will take your recovery game to new heights of success. Experience increased success rates, reduced delays, and an approach that positions you at the forefront of your industry – elevating your game with FinView today.

Seamless Digital Adoption

FinView makes managing financial responsibilities as straightforward and accessible as their daily digital interactions, offering debtors an intuitive app where they can navigate and address their obligations with ease. Not just another tool – our solution offers debt resolution via familiar digital channels, so your clients can take control of their finances whenever it suits them best-guaranteeing engagement, understanding and timely responses to our debt resolution services. Join us as we shape the future of financial responsibility.

Efficient Communications

FinView employs a multi-channel approach, catering to various communication preferences. From emails and modern messaging apps, to tailored strategies that ensure clear, trusted, and responsive interactions between our debtors and us that facilitate debt resolution. FinView doesn’t just reach out; we connect effectively!

Do less, Achieve More

CreditInfo has transformed debt collection with FinView’s automation at its center, revolutionizing debt collection processes. 68% have reduced manual interventions, allowing CreditInfo to focus on what it does best, while FinView takes care of all the intricacies for us, leading to faster recoveries while increasing efficiency. Join us as we embark on a more streamlined future together!

What makes us unique? We empower debtors to resolve their debts with the FinView App.

At the core of our digital collections service lies our commitment to empowering your customers.
While traditional collections methods may seem intimidating and distant, our partnership with FinView takes an innovative approach by prioritizing a compassionate yet efficient way for customers
to resolve their financial obligations, with FinView’s cutting-edge capabilities provide a seamless
customer journey experience.

With the FinView app, debtors have unprecedented control over their debt management:

Our uniqueness lies in giving debtors the reins, providing tools that make.
the debt resolution process more intuitive, respectful, and efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does FinView have a mobile app?

FinView provides an intuitive and user-friendly mobile app designed for optimal experience. Users can quickly and effortlessly access account details, manage their data and engage with our Digital Debt Collections Service using this mobile application, avail- able to download on both Android and iOS platforms, ensuring CreditInfo customer enjoy mobile access anytime, anywhere.

What communication channels do you use?

At FinView Mobile App, we use multiple channels of communication to effectively engage with your customers, such as email, SMS, phone calls, as well as WhatsApp. As technologies advance, we adapt and incorporate more channels to ensure effective and convenient communication at all times.

Do you have a portal I can check progress?

Yes, all customers can access the FinView Client Portal. Here, you can monitor case up- dates in real-time, view its comprehensive dashboard for a holistic overview, and upload w cases for processing – providing complete transparency and control over their col- lections journey.

Can you collect debts from businesses?

Yes. We have a specific service that helps enterprise business with the debt collections as well as invoice reminding needs. Get in touch with us to learn more about our B2B collections service.

What reporting do you provide?

We offer a dynamic dashboard that provides an immediate and comprehensive view of all ongoing collection activities. In addition, we can generate customized reports tailored to your specific needs and preferences, ensuring you have all the data and insights required to make informed decisions.

How do you handle data security?

Prioritizing data privacy and security is at the top of our list. Our systems are developed in accordance with global best practices and standards to ensure maximum protection of any personal information entrusted to us, using it only for its intended use on secure servers with advanced encryption methods and regular auditing to detect unauthorized access attempts. Furthermore, we adhere to local and international data protection regulations to respect your rights while upholding them when managing it.

What is your Fee?

Our experience is that all portfolios are different requiring different collections strategies. Get in touch via the form below so we can explain our process and what this will cost.

Did you receive a communication from us?

Dealing with debt can sometimes feel like uncharted territory.
If we have contacted you regarding an unresolved balance, know that we’re here to
guide and support. Together, we’ll craft a solution tailored to your unique situation.

Stay empowered and informed with the FinView app.
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