The Monitoring Service allows you to keep track of the status of your customers or partners in the easiest possible way. You submit a list of the companies and individuals you need to keep track of to our servers. We email you every time if there is any change in the critical information you need, like disbursed of defaulted or outstanding loans, new loans.


Notification (alert) is generated if as soon defined event or change is detected. It informs that something important happened to the monitored client so necessary steps can be taken.


Each subscriber(Bank or Micro-finance Institution) can monitor clients from own portfolio.


Evaluation of event and changes is done during the night processing(automatic process).


Notifications are available for authorized users via email.

Business Benefits

  • Identify the best customers
  • Increase sales/income from additional low risk lending
  • Reduce bad debt and write-offs
  • Reduce collection cost
  • Increase cross sales
  • Saves time