You are the boss!

With BEE you can create an intelligent, automatic decision-making process. The design of the process and all changes to the process are made by you, the user, without any vendor’s intervention whatsoever. This is accomplished by using BEE Designer, our user-friendly desktop application. You will be able to apply your own business rules and cut-off ineligible clients automatically. That would be nice wouldn’t it?

BEE will save you money, time and effort, and more. Really. True story. The process of decision-making can be quite sophisticated. BEE responds to frequent changes in the business environment and helps you to make automatic, intelligent decisions.

  • Graphical user interface
  • Extensive Iibrary of embedded functions
  • Option of using custom functions
  • Information evaluation
  • Advanced workflow management options
  • Possibility to distinguish the processes for different users/branches/sources
  • Support for work with objects
  • Support for scorecards
  • Conformity with SOA principles
  • Automatic generating of documentation
  • Security
  • Centralised solution
  • Automatic project validation
  • Automatic validation of input data
  • Advanced options for modelIing and testing
  • Transferability of definitions
  • High performance and scalability