A data subject has a right to know what information the Institution has submitted to the Bureau regarding that customer.

A  data subject shall be entitled to access credit reports relating to the customer that are kept in a database administered by a Bureau.

A data subject shall be entitled to a free copy of his/her credit report from a Bureau, or its agents, in the following instances;

  • at least once per year;
  • within thirty days of receiving an adverse action notice issued under regulation 50 (iii); and
  • once per six months after making a request to a Bureau to have inaccurate information corrected in the database.

Where a data subject believes that credit information maintained in the credit information system is inaccurate, erroneous or outdated, the data
subject may notify the credit reference bureau of the disputed information.

Where a credit reference bureau is challenged of issuing credit report containing inaccurate, erroneous or outdated information, it shall –

  • within fifteen working days from date of receipt of the challenge, investigate and correct the disputed credit information where the dispute emanates from the credit reference bureau;
  • within two working days from date of receipt of the challenge, endorse the disputed credit report with a note on specific items which are subject to dispute, until such time when the dispute is resolved;
  • notify the data subject of the outcome of the disputed credit information.

A data subject whose disputed credit information has been corrected shall be provided with a correct credit report free of charge.