Fraud Scorecard

You meet your customers every day. Some of them may not have sufficient income or they might be trying to hide some important facts but they look just like everybody else and their documents seem to be in order as well. The only difference is… they already know they are never ever going to pay you back. Our fraud scoring will identify a typical profile of customers who do not intend to pay back their loans. Anticipate rather than react.
Default scorecard

Your customers might be fair and genuine. But how can you guess if their bad times are just around the corner? Our default scoring helps to evaluate customers’ reliability and lets you know if there is a high risk of default in the near future.

Propensity Scorecard

The reality of today’s financial world is an increased level of the competition for each good quality customer. Risk is not the only factor in profitability and scoring does not manage the risk only. Our sales & marketing score cards will let you maximize your marketing campaign performance and boost your profitability by targeting the right customers in the right time and with tailored offer. It works in the way that database of your customers is filtered in order to select those who might be in the market for a specific product in the near future. Knowing that you can contact your customers faster and offer them products they like. Make sure you do everything possible to keep your customer!

Collection Scorecard

Looking for ways to improve your collection strategies? Wondering about adequate treatments for your debtors? Our collection scoring will help you to find the best collection approach and reduce unproductive actions with great savings in time and costs. Collection scoring is a perfect tool to assist you with accurate, timely and relevant collection decisions, while maintaining the valued customer relationship and enhancing your bottom line. It is highly important to identify customers who will self-cure without any collection activities and focus on the cases where extra effort is required. Save your time and money and improve your collection efficiency by identification of the “just right” approach for all your customers.

Blended Score

The economy is not dominated by large and multinational corporations. In Europe, for instance, 90% of businesses are small and medium enterprises. Only 20% of SMEs have access to credit loans. While the majority of SMEs has no credit history, their owners use the same credit card to pay own bills as they use pay company bills. Blended Score for SME predicts probability of company default taking into account information not only about company, but also about business owner, shareholders, board members and linked companies. Blended Score provides highest predictive efficiency for small businesses.

Individual Blended Score

Individual Blended Score is aimed to identify customer’s risk using information associated with linked individuals like family members or credit and business partners and linked companies like own business or employer.

Blended Fraud Score

Blended Fraud Score helps to improve system of fraud prevention. Fraudsters are connected by phone numbers, address and businesses. Looking for a such fraudlent rings and including this information into the scorecard would increase efficiency of antifraud systems.