Who can dispute?
Only a Data subject; an individual or a business entity whose data could be collected, processed and disclosed to third parties in the credit information sharing system;

When can a Data subject dispute                                                                                                                                     Only after receiving his/her credit report;​In the event where the customer believes that the information contained in the database is inaccurate, erroneous or out-dated, the customer may notify the bureau in writing by filing a dispute.

What can a Data subject dispute                                                                                                                                Any credit related information contained in their report;

Inaccurate credit related information;

  • Payments reported late that were actually on time (Past due amounts)
  • Inaccurate credit limit/loan amount or account balance
  • Inaccurate account status, for example an account status reported as past due when the account is actually current




  • Accounts that aren’t theirs
  • Inaccurate creditor

Outdated information

  • Entries older than six years;
  • Any adverse information where more than six years have expired since the adverse information was placed in the database or last reaffirmed
  • Non-updated credit information; both loan and Personal information’s

How can a Data subject dispute         

  For individuals in Dar es Salama 

  • Consumer comes to our office to request their Credit Report ​
  • Consumer fills out the request form in full​
  • We validate their ID against the detail filled in on the form ​
  • We make a copy of the ID and printing it out ​
  • The Consumer report is generated ​
  • Upon the creation the form, report and copy of ID are brought to Operations for dispatch sing off ​

For individuals outside Dar es Salaam:

  • The consumer has to interact with us via subscriber of ours.​
  • We go through the same form filling and ID verification, but this happens by the bank​
  • The email is forwarded to CIT who will re-check the ID against the form​
  • If correct the Consumer report is generated and sent to the designated receiver as per the form ​